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Superhero fiction is a niche genre and it can be difficult to find in the sea of regular literature and fan-fiction. This is a group for writers and readers, and general lovers of superheroes. We will exclusively showcase literature featuring superheroes. This includes original characters, fan-fiction, and fan-character stories. We'll also accept literature-related pieces such as scripts, articles, etc. All ranges of talent welcome! At this time, we do not accept general superhero art, but we do allow story illustrations and book covers.

Art in avatar by shamserg. Font by Mirz123.
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Art Creation

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Are You Super? - Vol. 14

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 2:32 PM
My Oath, To Protect the City...

A feature series which will showcase superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.

This series went on unexpected hiatus (again) due to my RL issues. Jumping back on the bandwagon and hoping for another edition early to mid July. Enjoy!

:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital

Kefas-02 by Kefas-lima
Victorian Batman by MatthewRHumphreys SUPER SM WAS HERE ! by M0onQueen
Stitches Superhero by BloodshotInk The Nite Owl Diner by theunbrilliant
Aqualad by Astalakio Joker - Harley Quinn - Diner by HeroforPain
Gotham City Mugshots - Black Mask by Costalonga Jim Gordon by PandaFace
Lobo - DC by nightly03 18th century TRINITY by marshalmario
Fella Superhero Contest by kurishojo Heroes Rise - The Legend by MinuetteTune
Martian Manhunter ( Justice League) by murtazasaeed Marvel:Justice by LAS-T
Wonder Woman 2014AD by SirTiefling $10Comission:NIGHT VYXEN by johnbecaro
Knightingale by imDRUNKonTEA Veronica Lodge as SUPERTEEN by MJBivouac
Hulk Nouveau by b1naryg0d Commision - The Bug Conept - Colored by AenTheArtist
Nightwing by J-Skipper Improbable Movie Couple by RickCelis
Wolverine by adagadegelo Lois and Clark after C.C. by RisingKirin
Supergirl by Reevolver by ReevolveR Two-face by mgorbea
Catwoman- copics by ekkimu Iron Man by MattiasFahlberg
Deck Dance by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: Cosplay

The Riddler by The-Prez Dark Flame Mask by PetLoverSpy
A doesn't stand for France by Riddle1 If looks could kill by FloresFabrications
Scarecrow Cosplay P3 by Boredman The Incredible Elastigirl by MomoKurumi
Loki Cosplay -Dressed for Jotunheim by Aicosu Elektra Cosplay - Marvel by Hekady  

:bulletwhite: Pixels and Stamps

Superhero Run by ARTMONKEYMGLego'd Die Fledermaus by Ripplin Dark knight by MisterRgbPixels
Why So Serious Stamp by mirz-alt X-Men Stamp by nakashimariku Marvel Cover Art Ant-Man Stamp by dA--bogeyman Avengers EMH Stamp -  Ant-Man by The-GreenGoblin
Hawkgirl round 1 entry by Lil-Hawk Supergirl to the Rescue! by Soulfulstar Superheroes pixel art by LordBantermort

:bulletwhite: Literature

Twilight Swarm Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Forest intruders.
(Disclaimer! I own nothing of anything that sounds similar to Twilight Princes! Nor do I own Nintendo or any familiar quotes!)
Have you ever felt like….. our worlds were connected? Sometimes it seems like there is another world looking at us in the dark. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever meet these people from the Twilight. Something is coming, but I’m sure we’ll face it together….
Those words played in my head all week. “What does it mean?” I asked, “What’s this Twilight?” Someone called my name. I peeked out the window. “What’s up?” I asked. “Can you and Gale give me a hand with the goats?” asked Joe, “They ain’t listening to me lately!” I jumped out of my window. “Where’s gale?” asked Joe. I noticed she wasn’t in her usual spot. I suddenly realized something. “There’s only one place she could be at,” I said.
The Guardians: PrologueFor centuries, weapons of legendary power have been passed on by a type of reincarnation. This 'reincarnation' has allowed the tools, known as Guardian Weapons, to take on a human personification. They are born normally, and appearance-wise there's no difference between them and humans. However, they are stronger, faster, smarter, and have a higher pain tolerance, they are not invincible though. They also have powers that are special to each weapon wielder.
In all, there are four weapons. The shield, which enables the wielder to create force fields around themselves and others, known as Herlinde. The Sword, known as Pyro, predictably allows the wielder to produce flames from their hands and super speed. The power Gloves, known as Deterra, grant them ultimate strength, and when in contact with the ground, they can create small earthquakes. Finally, the bow, known as Arrion, grants incredible accuracy and the ability to read minds.
Only catch is, all memories of their past lives are wipe
Burn With Me: A Captain America FanFic. Chap 1Spoiler Alert: This fan fiction takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'm trying to keep AoU spoilers to a minimum, but I have to add a few minor AoU details.
Side Note: I realize that there are no mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am combining comic books and the Captain America movie storyline to suit my own artistic purposes.
Revised for quality content.
Chapter 1
     Something told me today was going to suck. Call it female intuition or a gut feeling, but the second Nick Fury called me in to his office at the new Avenger’s headquarters, I knew it was going to be a bad day. Just how bad remained to be seen.
     I opened the shiny metal door to Fury’s office without knocking. He had windows, and even I wasn’t short enough to miss when there was floor to ceiling glass. Granted, I’m not incredibly short. I’m about five-foot-three, which is close to average height for females, but sometime

:bulletwhite: Past Articles of "Are You Super?"

Are You Super? - Vol. 12 A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital
Riddler and Penguin by Salamandra88 Poison Ivy art nouveau colored by RaquelArtQ Green Hornet by shaunriaz Impulse and Inertia Perler by CiaoBirdie
:bulletwhite: Cosplay
Mary Marvel - DC Comics by Neferet-Cosplay :DC: Montoya by AlouetteCosplay Selina Kyle by tenleid Harley Quinn Cosplay by SerenityMoonCosplay Dark Phoenix cosplay 03 by Kitty-Honey
:bulletwhite: Pixels and Stamps
 Mutant: Alex Katzev AKA Uriel by Dudewithasmile :thumb254436637: Heroes and Villains Rd 1 by Ginkage
:bulletwhite: Literature
The Customer Service Stinks by JZLobo Forever is only in Your Dreams Ch.1 by Jack-frost-fangirl55 Spider-Man: Hail to the King Prologue by blacksuitchris
:bulletwhite: Special Feature - Selections by Endorell-Taelos
superhero by massimilianolucania Superhero Mathematics by mattcantdraw
Are You Super? - Vol. 13 SpecialA feature series which will showcase superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
This series went on unexpected hiatus due to my RL situation. Getting it back on track with a special "big" visual issue. The next regular issue will be published in the next 2 weeks. Enjoy!
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital

Batman Portrait by Protokitty Poison Ivy by manulys
Dark Phoenix by Maryneim Magneto, (Ian McKellen) by StudioCandia
Sailor Catwoman 2 by DutchDragon1964 THE SHADOW by orabich
American Justice 2 by lockett730 Gamora by MariaBruggeman
Amazon Portrait by telegrafixs Damian by akensnest
All Grown Up: Kim Possible by IsaiahStephens Batman and Superman by jen-and-kris
Commission: CENDE by johnbecaro Batman - Adam West Render by YukiZM
Josiah Power - Loose Cannon by Mercalicious Remember me? by AlphaLunatic
Adamant / Venom by Behelzemont Loki God Of Fire by legadema666
Because why not? by Rhiethreal The Joker noir by RougeDK
Jovem Nerd Kick-ass by Costalonga :bigthu

:bulletwhite: Be sure to check out our affliliate groups:

:iconsuperhero-lit: :iconoriginal-superheroes:

:iconsuperthanksplz: to everyone who makes this article possible. Also, a special thanks to Ravenswd for coding this journal skin.

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New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Photo!

Well it seems our old friend "Peter Parker" is going on a Police ride-along in the latest photo from Sony Studio's superhero sequel, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Check out "Spidey" ( played by Andrew Garfield ) as he sits atop a police squad car in the upcoming blockbuster sequel, in theaters all over this May . . .

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