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Superhero fiction is a niche genre and it can be difficult to find in the sea of regular literature and fan-fiction. This is a group for writers and readers, and general lovers of superheroes. We will exclusively showcase literature featuring superheroes. This includes original characters, fan-fiction, and fan-character stories. We'll also accept literature-related pieces such as scripts, articles, etc. All ranges of talent welcome! At this time, we do not accept general superhero art, but we do allow story illustrations and book covers.

Art in avatar by shamserg. Font by Mirz123.
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Art Creation

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:bulletblack: Membership is open and automatically approved. Feel free to join or devWatch the group.

:bulletblack: We expect all members to be respectful to other members and the admins. We don't like to ban people, but members will be removed and/or blocked from the group for aggressive behavior.

:bulletblack: Remember, in order to get feedback and comments, it's polite to give feedback and comments. We encourage members to frequent the works of other members.

Submission Policy

:bulletblue: Submissions are open. They must be approved by one admin, but that should generally happen within 24-72 hours of submission.

:bulletblue: Stories MUST contain a superhero or sidekick. Superhero is defined as being a costumed or themed character, with or without super-powers. This can sometimes be a gray area, but for clarity, this group was created to help writers of superhero fiction get their writing seen. There are numerous groups for Pokemon and video-game characters, and thus those characters are not considered superheroes by our definition. Think Batman, the Green Hornet, etc.

:bulletblue: We will accept entries with mature themes (meaning sex and blood), but they MUST contain a mature filter. Sorry, but we have kids and we want to assure safe-surfing for them and our members.

:bulletblue: We ask that you submit to the correct folder. This helps us all, as it makes it easier for readers to find the specific type of story they are looking for. Here is a run down of the folders and what does and does not belong, in order to help you. [link]





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Are You Super? - Vol. 12

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 2:43 PM
My Oath, To Protect the City...

A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.

:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital

Powergirl From DC by Maryneim The Littlest Superhero by MoreThanNothing Last Sight by AzureVirgo Tim Burton's Catwoman by prismtwine OUAM: bailey's irish cream by loish Avengers Gowns: Thor and Captain America by kelseymichele DC VS Marvel Roller Derby: Spider-Woman/Supergirl by kevinbolk green lantern: headshot by TovioRogers Commission unseenlibrarian by vickyjane Gaslight Batman by JoshEH-Photo Riddler and Penguin by Salamandra88 Poison Ivy art nouveau colored by RaquelArtQ Green Hornet by shaunriaz Impulse and Inertia Perler by CiaoBirdie Commission- Superhero Takedown by ChaosKomori

:bulletwhite: Cosplay

Mary Marvel - DC Comics by Neferet-Cosplay :DC: Montoya by AlouetteCosplay Selina Kyle by tenleid Harley Quinn Cosplay by SerenityMoonCosplay Dark Phoenix cosplay 03 by Kitty-Honey

:bulletwhite: Pixels and Stamps

 Mutant: Alex Katzev AKA Uriel by Dudewithasmile Warp - Double Life by Kryptonite-Kid Heroes and Villains Rd 1 by Ginkage Coffee Powered Stamp by Mirz123 Batman and Black Torrent by dully101

:bulletwhite: Literature

The Customer Service StinksMaking it in the big city was turning out to be a lot more difficult than he expected. Billy Bob knew that it was risky, challenging a supervillain, but he was desperate. He had managed to evade the mansion’s defenses, including the sawblades, killer robot, and genetically engineered land-piranhas. He had a large slash in his wifebeater for his troubles, and he had broken out into a nasty sweat, but he felt proud of himself. He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans and cocked his shotgun before ringing the bell.
And he waited.
After a couple minutes, he was about to kick the door in, when opened and revealed a lederhosen-clad hunchback with tentacles for arms. “May I help you?”
Billy Bob directed his shotgun at the appropriate angle. “I’ve come to see General Pain.”
“Ah, yes, of course. May I offer you a drink while you wait?”
“Do I look stupid?” he sneered. Never trust a drink given to you by a supervillain (or their minion). O
Forever is only in Your Dreams Ch.1Ch.1:Leaving the Team
**Continuing from the Teen Titans final episode**
No one's POV
"Cyborg!,"Robin called him. "Have you analyzed it's whereabouts?" "I can't!,"Cyborg explained. "You know it can shapeshift. I don't even know what to scan!" "Raven? Starfire?,"Robin called them on the Titan communicator. "No sign of the creature,Robin,"Starfire replied. "It could've blended into ANY place!" "I can't believe I'm saying this,"Raven said. "But we actually might just need Beast Boy." Robin put his head down on the computer desk. Raven was right;they DID need Beast Boy.
Just then,someone came in. It was Beast Boy. "Beast Boy!,"Robin felt both relieved and angry. "Where were you?!" "At you-know-who's new school,"Beast Boy looked down. Robin shot a confused look at him. "But she...she doesn't have parents!" Beast Boy sighed. "Guess again" Robin felt like he knew what Beast Boy had been thru,so he put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry,"he said. "Maybe a little butt kicking can help you calm
Spider-Man: Hail to the King Prologue
Prologue: Crimson Day
Midnight, in one of New York City’s cemeteries, a lone security guard does his usual patrols and checks on the graves. Normally this cemetery wouldn’t need a guard, but after the events of Otto Octavius’s reign in Spider-Man’s body, New York’s current mayor Stanley Lieber made all graveyards upgrade their security just in case any more villains cheat death. The guards himself walked pass the mad doctor’s grave that had been grafittied and vandalized with phrases like “burn in hell Ock!”
“Poor bastard…” The guard sighed to himself as he continued his shift.
It was at that moment he saw a hooded figure looking over two other men who were masked and seemed to be digging at the grave. Thinking they were grave robbers, the guard grabbed a baton and ran towards them as he yelled “Stop right there thieves!”
The hooded figure turned towards the guard as he simply walked towards him casually. Fo

:bulletwhite: Special Feature - Selections by Endorell-Taelos

Comrade Hero Commision by Jeffach superhero by massimilianolucania Superhero Mathematics by mattcantdraw Superhero by sharadhaksar SUPERHERO by kusodesign SuperHero Disney Princesses 4 by Vampire--Kitten The Superhero Pants by Evangeline-Lilly Superhero by shenamei Superhero Jasmine by DeathByBacon Superhero Disney Princesses 2012 by Winged-warrior Superhero Girl by neomonki Sofie as a Superhero by BlueUndine Tell me I'm not a Superhero by scottjamesprebble 30min Challenge - Superhero Pony by atryl Superhero Checklist Meme by Kasekine SuperheroI'd love to be a superhero
To wear the sleek black cape
I'd make sure to catch all evil
Lock them where they can't escape
I'd love to be a superhero
I'd fly through the air
I'd run faster than the speed of light
Without messing up my hair
I'd love to be a superhero
But Batman took the job
As much as I'd love that cape
From him I cannot rob
I'd love to be a superhero
To protect and serve
I'd be your superhero
But I'd rather just observe
I'd love to be a superhero
But girl, I cannot save you
I don't have special powers
No special powers to see you through
Superhero Charms by cheese-cake-panda SUPERHERO by Healzo Superhero Medley by venkman-project superhero by molokolo Superhero Cupcakes by Verusca Chopper Man The Superhero by sebas-toon Superhero by SuperHeroPattyFatty Superhero pose number one - Psylocke landing by cosplayerotica steampunk superhero by mgru Superhero by TheChicEffect SUPERHERO by vDue Superhero kids by RenieDraws I am the superhero! by vanille913 Superhero Glomp B by catluvr2 I wish I was a superhero-Stamp by sam-ely-ember superhero buggy by fear-the-brilliance

:bulletwhite: Super News

  Artists of Relativity - Vol. 16A monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.
This issue: :iconekkimu: and :iconvelnna:
:bulletblack: Relativity Art

:bulletblack: Other Art by ekkimu

Ekimmu offers commissions at various times. Please check out her profile page for current co
  Artists of Relativity - Vol. 15 SpecialA monthly series which will feature artists and artwork from the Relativity serial, which is published over on my mirz-alt account and can be found at RelativityComic. As I frequently showcase work from the series, I also wanted to promote the individual artists and feature some of their other work. This series will spotlight deviants who have created art for us through commissions, gift-art, contest-entries, requests or other means.
Over the years, we have been lucky to work with a number of different artists, many who have created a single image for us. However there are some who, due to a variety of reasons, have created a handful of items, but not enough to be featured as an independent artist-of-the-month (typically an artist who has created 8-10 pieces or more, are considered for that spot). Since we want to showcase those talented individuals, as well, here is a special "mini" issue feature 5 of those artists.
:iconSerenaVerdeArt: SerenaVerdeArt
Three Worlds Fairytale Contest CommentaryFirst of all, I would like to extend a huge thank you to CristianaLeone and Endorell-Taelos for allowing me to participate in this contest with them. I feel their characters are far superior to mine, and I am humbled to have shared the stage with them. :heart:
To see the official Winners Journal with prize listings, click the thumb below:

Contests are an amazing thing. They allow you to stretch your artistic skills, taking on subjects and characters you might not otherwise. Of course, there is also the desire to win a prize and/or recognition. I think most of us can say, that even when we do light entries we don't think will win, we have that small hope in our hearts that they will. I think that is the hardest part of being a judge. It's not picking the winning entry, but realizing there will be losing ones; it's hard to know that artists spent time and effort on a piece, pouring their hearts into it, and they will not receive a p

:bulletwhite: Do you have a superhero-related group you'd like to see featured here? Superhero related news, events, or contests? Drop us a comment or note and we'll add it to the next edition. I will also feature superhero commissions!

:bulletwhite: Past Articles of "Are You Super?"

  Are You Super? - Vol. 11 (Super Issue)A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital
Commission- Major Glory by blaneblue Lady Lawful: Magic Trick by Yes-I-DiD Lady Matina by Raphaella Prism commission by shamserg Evil Supergirl by Spacecowboytv Princess Donna Troy by SebbyWhite Sleep Tight by avataraandy Namor the Submariner PSC card by JonHughes Captain America by jasric Winter Soldier by TheBabman Thor the Norse God - stage 4 by m0zch0ps Flame In The Rain by SirTiefling Powered Omega by ArTGutierrez 3D Green Goblin by TargetView Wannabe Pixel ID by DaleNorvell Mary Jane by LazerBat Don't make her angry... by Fahu Loki by Dascia The Batman! by Firebrander diva,fuji,hellstrike by earache-J Logan by Yenga Jason Todd aka Red Hood by kola411 'Wanna know how I got these scars?' by NurseRozetta95 Run Batwoman, Run! by AviKishundat  Super Treats by NaBHaN Armed n' Dangerous by Altalamatox Avengers Gowns: Coulson, Fury, and Hill by kelseymichele Blue Lotus Character Poses by DESPOP Big Bang Theory by HeroforPain Ironman by fruitpunchsamurai89
:bulletwhite: Cosplay
Hear Me Roar by Rei-Doll Power Girl 2 by GraceyDarling Eye of the Storm by kidremington The Incredibles... and Edna by eatsleepbroadway Nightwing Cosplay 001 by Joekerr66 :thumb2965
   Are You Super? - Vol. 10A news series which will feature superhero related art and literature. Published (mostly) once a month.
:bulletwhite: Traditional and Digital
  Phanthro by Smoludozerka Superheroes in Love by tombancroft  Spider Man and MJ by Fayerin My Catwoman by ekkimu  RELATIVITY_follow the clue by FranciscoETCHART Jim Gordon by ThreshTheSky August Moon by CristianaLeone  The Jokers by glennmeling Bombastic Bag Girl by arcanineryu Jump City's Full of em. by JeffMyles Freya's Falcon necklace by jen-and-kris Meer Joker by BigRedCurlyGuy Commission: The Warrior and the Superhero by milliemouse579 X-MANIC MONDAY: CHARLIE XAVIER by JakeWyatt typhoon haiyan charity art color version by raccoon-eyes Red Hood / Carnage by Behelzemont RELATIVITY_3 by AllieG06 Under the Talon of Owlman by AlphaLunatic Strike Costume Concept by Wolf-Cyrado
:bulletwhite: Cosplay
:thumb366184896: :thumb401236173: Cheshire - Red Hood and The Outlaws - DC Comics by WhiteLemon Tea? by UndiciSmaug 1950s Wonder Woman by Rattfinkphotography Meri as Batgirl 3 by dragondoodle Spawn Vs Captain America Cosplay Dragon-con by KwongBee-Arts :thumb374459988:
:bulletwhite: Pixels and Stamps
Earth 133: Mera by Dudewithasmile Superhero cosplay doll by Lil-Hawk Bloodhound Pixel Portrait by mirz-alt
Mirz-Alt Icon Commish by Princess-Peachie Bruce x Diana stamp by AnaFrost

:bulletwhite: Be sure to check out our affliliate groups:

:iconsuperhero-lit: :iconoriginal-superheroes:

:iconsuperthanksplz: to everyone who makes this article possible. Also, a special thanks to Ravenswd for coding this journal skin.

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New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Photo!

Well it seems our old friend "Peter Parker" is going on a Police ride-along in the latest photo from Sony Studio's superhero sequel, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Check out "Spidey" ( played by Andrew Garfield ) as he sits atop a police squad car in the upcoming blockbuster sequel, in theaters all over this May . . .

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